Artist Booking

Venue Booking

Artist Management

Tour Management

Venues looking for bands to play on your stage message me to set up a meeting to discuss booking. Or review the artists I work with by clicking the title "Artist Booking" above.

If you are a band wanting to play a show in Houston, message me for available dates to perform. Review my list of venues that I work closely with to book your next show or a private event. [Click "Venue Booking" above for list of venues]
Got the ball rolling, just need someone to keep it rolling? I am here to help with anything that is needed. Logistics, production, you name it and I can help! 
Professional help with coordinating your touring schedule, book venues/ flights/ hotels, ride list, or anything that is required to go on tour. If you are a first time touring artist and looking for advice, I can help guide you in the right direction.


Event Consultation

Event Coordination

Event Planning

No need to confuse yourself or stress over where to start in planning your family event. I am here to help with guiding you on where to start and what needs to be done.
With everything going on around us, don't let small details slip your mind, let me take care of it all; including help the day of the special day. 

Make your event YOURS with custom made decorations and centerpieces, just let me do the busy work. Allow me to lend a hand with my vendor connections.